18+ Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan

Rating        :    8,5/10

Genre        :   Drama, Romance

Release     :    14 February 2015

Literature student Anastasia Steele's life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.


Are They Black for Female Lead… Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Mathew Hitt have recently ended their relationship after two years. Dakota Johnson is a 26 year old American actress and model who came to highlight in 2015 when she played a starring role in the famous Fifty Shades of Grey Movie. The film was a major hit that made her a superstar and she beat out so many famous and young actresses.

Mathew Hitt is a 29 year old American singer and guitarist. Dakota Johnson was first spotted with her boyfriend Mathew Hitt in July 2014. After their first meeting, they start dating frequently. It’s the second time this couple has split up. It was about the release of Dakota Johnson carrier making Fifty Shades of Grey in 2015, when the couple first broke up. But soon after a few months, they reunited back. As this successful reconciliation suggests that their first split up was temporary.

Sources have told that Dakota Johnson is not able to deal with her professional commitments. This is the reason that this ‘50 Shades of Grey sensation’ called time her relationship with a 29 year old singer. As this May 2016 has already faced so many split ups like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift, there is an addition of Dakota Johnson and Mathew Hitt.

Sources have told that this couple was dating on and off for the last two years. Their working schedule was so strict that both of them didn’t find enough time to meet. Dakota was busy in her movie 50 Shades Darker. This seems like there is a lot of lack in their communication. This was also a great reason behind the split up of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. But this couple respects each other so much.

Dakota Johnson has stated that her professional commitments are more important to her than her relationship so she finds no time for her relationship or love. She also stated after the release of 50 Shades of Grey full movie that her lover thought hypocritically that the movie will be a great one and he had been really supportive all the time.

After Dakota got free from the movie, she came back to her home, but there was no one waiting for her. Dakota has very conspicuous reviews about men. She says that she has more reasons to hate men as compared to the reasons to like them. And the great actress also says that after the release of the film, now most of the men hesitate to ask her for a hang out.

As her seductive role in the film suggests that this girl is most concerned with Men and Sex but her real life is something totally opposite to it. Dakota Johnson stated after the release of 50 Shades of Grey online that she never chose to play a role that suits her personal life. This movie is totally different in the role as compared to her personal life.

Dakota Johnson is preparing for the new series of 50 shades of Grey. The movie shoot scene was in a beautiful garden where Dakota and Jamie Dornan find so much time to spend together. Fifty shades darker is expecting to be a greater hit than 50 Shades of Grey. Let’s hope for its greatest hit.

50 Shades Of Grey Full Movie Review

Fifty Shades of grey movie – what’s all the fuss about?

The somewhat controversial fifty shades of grey is the first release of a trilogy written by E.L. James. The story is followed by a native college girl Anna and her extremely voluptuous relationship with her boyfriend Christian Grey. The story starts when Anastasia Steele is sent to conduct an interview with publishing tycoon Christian Grey for her college newspaper. Despite having certain things in common, they get attracted to each other but soon Anna discovers that the brooding millionaire Christian conducts her private life on sexual peripherals and she is just a way to fulfil his pirapic whims. With an aim to portray this novel on the big screen, the director Taylor Johnson tried to navigate a wire between pornographic elements, criticism of sexual violence, global popularity and a film as a profitable venture. Concentrating on all these four factors, the director focuses on developing an emotional relationship between leading characters rather than a consideration into the realm of sadomasochism. As a result, the sexual content becomes more restraint and pallid and not risqué or sexy. The too much sexual metaphors in 50 shades of grey movie leaves a little way for plot development, and it, simply finds no option to go.

But still, why do researchers suggest women to watch 50 shades of grey film?

Well, it is an interesting question. To give an answer to it, you first need to examine the plot of the movie itself. The fifty shades of grey movie have got so much popularity for its type of romance that we mostly found in the books. Studies have shown that this obsession is mainly because of two chemicals that generate in our brain. One is dopamine, and another is oxytocin that develops in the body during the initial phases of a relationship. Oxytocin is responsible for developing attachments, and dopamine is associated with pleasure. Thus, when women watch fifty shades of grey full movie, their body likely to trigger these two hormones and thereby get utmost pleasure. However, there are many people who have argued the basic plot of 50 shades of grey movie to be terrible and extremely difficult to go through. Though, it is not supposed to be a great literary work by James. The novel was actually written as a part of fan fiction just like Twilight trilogy. Therefore, if you ask whether 50 shades of grey full movie is a classic or not, the answer will be No. But if you ask does it offer an escape to a world that few people know about, the answer will be “absolutely”.


While 50 shades of grey movie is arguably no worse or better than its literary source, it shows sexual desires and sexual pleasures that develop between two persons – Anna and Christian. The movie is premised upon the fulfillment of sexual needs through ominous practices of sadomasochism. Overthrowing every element where the story is structured on an anemic love certainly brings a sort of morality to the film which is missing in the novel but the director Taylor Johnson’s film adaption will definitely satisfy the minds of its ardent fans.